Sunday, August 25, 2013

sunday blog time.

Sometimes...well, sometimes lately I just sit here on the computer for endless amounts of time wondering if I'm even going to see a job title that looks interesting to me. I just don't want to fit into any of those job titles. It just seems not okay, like I'm giving in to stuff I never wanted to give in to --- which is, having a job that could really suck. I mean, I've had some days where I'm super positive and thinking I could basically do anything...and how I can't wait to do something that will rule...
These pictures are irrelevant. Sort of. 

Then again, I'm just not into this whole job thing. I KNEW it was going to be this process that would be dumb, boring, and would make me feel as though I should have worked harder somewhere along the way in my life. Maybe that's true, but that's awful if it is all true.

I know that you have to know people. You have to know people who will tell other people that you are looking for a job. It'd be super ideal for someone to be like, "Oh, hey! I found this great job for you -- it's one where you constantly promote excellent music and you get paid for it!."


I don't know though. Maybe my idea of any job is not what it would actually be in reality. I just don't want to fit into a typical job. Whatever that means. 

I wasn't ready for college to end. Pretty sure most seniors weren't either, minus those few that were offered jobs right out of school...wierdies. Well done for them, though.

However, I have some things to look into this week. Praying they go well. Or something. 

I also get to see some friends this week. And my boyfriend. 

So. That's my life right now. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I know where you stand, silent in the trees

It only took listening to this song today. Riding in the back seat of the car, I blared it into my headphones. I watched everyone as they drove by...people were mostly eating in their cars. The windows were down, and I could feel the wind whip around my eyelashes. The sun was just setting too. 
As weird as it seems, this was the perfect song for that moment. 
I am always reassured by this band's lyrics, their music, and the hope that it encompasses.
I love being reminded to be who I am and to be excited about things, even in my uncertainty. I am consistently encouraged and motivated through twenty one pilots.
and powerful...
but mostly powerful.