Monday, September 9, 2013

that community word

You know when you start craving something you once knew? It could even be something like this food you had one time that was ridiculously great and you feel you need it right now or life won't go on...or pickles. I crave pickles.
But, that's clearly not what I'm writing about. I love pickles, and I tend to crave them like a pregnant woman. Also, I'm not pregnant. ... Anyway...

I crave community.
It's like, when I get even a small dose of it, I'm filled up. I experienced community in a way that has been modeled after the way Jesus did life...
He spent it with people who were vulnerable. People who got close because of him, not necessarily because of just their life interests.

Jesus clearly didn't mess around. He didn't live on earth that long, and didn't waste any time getting to genuinely know people. I love that about him. I love how he sees each person as someone more than worth spending time with. People are not like that, even the nicest, most genuine person on the planet. I'm so glad Jesus exists. He is like no one else, and that's refreshing.
He's so relatable, yet so different. He's the only one who ever had to die for every person just to save them from themselves. I won't ever have to do that. I will never be able to save anyone in that way.

Jesus is clearly good.
The community he promotes and lives is worth the vulnerability and I pray for that again.