Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Oh, the way words change things for a person.
They can be words of beauty, encouragement, love.


words soaked with hate.

All these words strung together that we get to choose from. We get to tie these words together ourselves, fabricating something that brings life or death.

___________________________     _______       ______________     ___________    ____________

I've worked with teens on several occasions. I'm now a small group leader at my church. I've gotten the chance to meet these humans and see where they are in life, what they like to do, what they think about school. I've gotten a glimpse into their world…their world that seems so brutal to many because of the way that they are treated…not necessarily by their peers, but by their family as well.

I have always been surrounded by people who love me and who are encouraging.

This isn't true for some of the teens in youth group. Some of these kids struggle hardcore, and can only do so much because they are limited by their age. They can't just move out and live on their own. Some just have to wait.

Some of these kids stay strong because they know there are people who do love them,
When her grandma tells her that she's worthless and that she doesn't matter, she doesn't know what to do. She's ready to move out in a heartbeat. Her youth seems like a cage, even though she would willingly enjoy it if things were different, if someone was telling her that she is loved and cared for. Instead, she's reminded everyday of how incapable she is, how she doesn't matter, and how she is worthless.

Just what a person dreams of hearing.

I hate that. I hate that those words exist. Her grandmother can tear her down so easily. She gets the opportunity to make her feel like she's nothing. She chooses to pick out the words that kill and destroy.

Thankfully, this young woman knows that she is loved and accepted by others. She knows that her grandmother does not make her life better. She knows the unhealthiness of it all. She's standing strong. She's encouraged by other kids in the youth group and adult leaders. She is truly blessed. I want to pray for her and I will pray for her.

This isn't a new story, I know. But it's still happening. It will always happen. I'm just so thankful that the hate isn't all there is in this world. I'm so grateful that this girl is surrounded by others outside of her home that will be there, reassuring her that she is so much more than she will ever know. She is important always, not just sometimes. She matters.