Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh, Truth

I've been letting so many different things, people, events, negative thoughts lead my life lately.
It's like I run to those things to save me. To save me from myself. Those are the very things that hurt me.
They are the things that take away truth from my life.
I give into the ways of the world. I let all that is not Jesus wash over, expecting a sense of freedom.
I never experience freedom when seeking those things.

Throughout the last couple of weeks, amongst believing some lies about how things should be, I've also been exposed to some truth. These truths have been revealed by close friends who love God, the Bible, and honest leaders in my life.

It's this truth that i want to hold on to. Instead of searching for the truth, I need to just let God be. I need to just let him be in my life. I need to let him love me. I need to let him be who He says He is. He is my God. He is my Father. He will never NOT be that.

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