Tuesday, December 18, 2012

some type of rap dance

My feelings haven't done so well lately.
While equipped to direct me in an uncertain way,
I'm left with chaos that only intends to curl up and stay.

If there's a way out, I've blocked them all
Thinking I'm running, but instead I fall
Right into the very trap that I envisioned I was far from
I made sure I kept my distance, but I was wrong

I've named it apathy, anxiety, and self absorption
But I'm not even sure I could really put my finger on it
Down up down up down up.
No, this isn't a strum, but it might as well be
Every string that is plucked creates more uncertainty

Heavy eyelids, no. That's too cliché.
But I'll let it all go away.
I'll let it all slip away.
Amidst the dull thump of what used to be a heart beat.

1 comment:

  1. "amidst the dull thump of what used to be a heart beat." YES> . i am a huge fan of your title. i love you.